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Two years after shutdown, California oyster farm remains a community hot-button

Conventional wisdom has it that oysters are one of the most environmentally friendly animal proteins. Not only do bivalve shellfish require no nutrients or marine ingredients to be added to the water, as filter feeders they actually clean the water column, removing pollutants and impurities to reduce turbidity. So when one of California’s oldest oyster farms was shut down amid reports that it was degrading the environment, local observers took notice. Two years later, the case is still far from closed in the eyes of the farm’s supporters and its critics.

Read the rest of my story for the Global Aquaculture Advocate here (free log-in account required).

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For Science: “Telescope clash deeply rooted in Hawaii’s past”

For the latest issue of Science magazine, I cover Native Hawaiian opposition to the Thirty-Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. Download a PDF of the story here.

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For Hakai: Five Aquarium Fish Best Left in the Ocean

For the new online science magazine Hakai, I cover five of the species most threatened by aquarium collecting. Read the story here.


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Meet My Neighbors: Nio Kindla


I was really inspired by my interview with Nio Kindla, a school garden manager for the nonprofit Grow Some Good, for my latest column in The Maui News.

Nio does a lot more than teach kids about growing tomatoes and beans: garden lessons are used to teach subjects like economics (learning about “food miles”), Hawaiiana (planting canoe crops), and math (planting seeds on an x and y axis). In some cases, he’s teaching kids who are afraid of dirt, can’t identify different vegetables, or need a respite from a troubled home.

My favorite quote (saved for the kicker, as usual):

“I’ve always considered myself a green person and been about growing healthy food, but I think the garden project helped me realize that besides having a job to make money, there’s a greater purpose for each of us to have an impact on the lives of other people.”

We all want to make a difference in the world, but sometimes the problems seem too great, and our efforts seem too small. Interviewing Nio reminded me that we all have the ability to plant a seed and be part of positive change. You can read the rest of my story here.

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